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Sixth annual


JUNE 22ND 2014, 9:00am

Thank you to everyone who attended in supporting The Travel Group and the Vancouver Downtown East Side. We raised $500 towards our charities.

Colleen started things off with a welcome and thank you to everyone whom helped her organizing the event. Thank you to Lawrence from Starbuck for the coffee and Madison Avenue Shampoo Bar for the gift prizes.

David followed by telling everyone which charities we’d be supporting this year, WISHThe Potluck Café, and a new one of Saint James Music Academy.

It was great to welcome back Marie from Insight to Wellness, she did a pre race stretch and then we were off.

Alisha was the first to cross the finish line, as the fast runner or the group, with a time of 38:00. 

Most of our walkers were doing a lot of socializing along the way so Joan took the prize with a time of 50:28.

When Clarissa walked up sporting a Viking hat, it was a sure win for her, until Darren put on his Turkish hat and tied up the “wild hat” category.

There were so many sexy shorts that Tara and Karen both took a prize. Tara with colourful girly shorts with fringe. And Karen in her silver metallic shorts and an “I hate running” tee completed her outfit.

The dogs ran and played with their new squeaky toys, with snacks and great conversation to round out the day.

Thank you everyone for your efforts and coming out this year, we hope to see you next year.

Colleen, The Travel Group

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